Year 4 Homework for 3/12/12 Fundraising for Hall homework

Dear Parents

Nearly December already! Your child’s homework is to do with our fundraising Christmas surprises. They need to spend a maximum of £2 on things that can be wrapped up as raffle prizes, can they decide on a price for each thing they wrap up so that they make at least 50% profit ( I have modelled in Maths and ICT to-day). So a pack of pencils could be £1 for example but each pencil – 10p once out of the pack, and they could sell for 20p. I want them to learn about making a profit too not just getting money. I will chase up responses as all donations and costs need to be in by Tuesday 4th at the latest so that we can sell on Thursday 6th in the Ks1 and Ks2 playground.


Ms Downey

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